Propel Group, Inc.


On the back of our signature business card with a hole in it, we say “we promise to have some serious fun.” Since our inception, we have deemed this our overarching mission statement. It also reads, “Just the thought of you spinning this card on a pencil made all of us laugh.” It reminds us to keep the work and atmosphere at Propel fun. So, cheers to letting the good times spin. LOL :)

A great group doing something great.

Propel Gives

Carter BloodCare calls us a Great Group because we give blood as a group. Little did they know we already call ourselves that. Seems they could have called us a sensational group maybe. We have learned one pint of blood can save 3 lives. Do the math, look what we did in a single day’s

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Dipping to a new low.


Never dare Propel. Propel Group “dipped” to a new low. We dipped for the first time. They called this stuff “Grizzly.” OMG, we called it hairy. We saw stars. Was ridiculous, but good for a few laughs and a fun way to wrap the week on that particular day.

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State Fair of Texas 2009.


Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, try eating just one. A State Fair favorite, everyone enjoys them—even when eating 6 at a time. This annual lunch outing is one of our favorite employee team building exercises. For Propellers, it is all about fried food—as much as you can scarf. Did you try the fried butter, fried PB&J sandwich,

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Propel rolls out the red carpet.


See how to throw an Oscar Watch party. Propel’s version was well attended by clients and friends in costume and character. The big screen evening was kicked off with a Joan Rivers look-a-like (with newly bandaged face-lift sutures) conducting red carpet interviews and made for a few belly laughs. Was really a lot of fun.

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