Propel Group, Inc.


On the back of our signature business card with a hole in it, we say “we promise to have some serious fun.” Since our inception, we have deemed this our overarching mission statement. It also reads, “Just the thought of you spinning this card on a pencil made all of us laugh.” It reminds us to keep the work and atmosphere at Propel fun. So, cheers to letting the good times spin. LOL :)

Ticket to Terror 2010.


Propel’s first Halloween party was a huge haunted hit. A special thanks to all who were brave enough to join us! We are collecting photos and videos and will be posting them as they become available.

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For frying out loud!


Propel once again packed extra Tums and went to the Texas State Fair to push our palettes to their limits! This year’s overall winner was the Fried Lemonade with the Fried Salad coming in a close second.

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Propel steps up the game.


The Texas State Fair Glue-a-Shoe Competition was again a spot of shining creativity! Results this year flipped everything upside down…some shouted for joy…some shouted “Foul!”…all had a good time. SHOEper Bowl—First Place, Sneaker Category Cattle Prada—First Place, Heel Category SHOEmores—Second Place, Sneaker Category UGGly Betty—Honorable Mention, Boot Category SHOEting Star (of Texas)— Honorable Mention, Flip

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Employee appreciation.


Owners bend over for Propel employees. They demonstrate their gratitude by washing their cars. Every single one of them. Just a little way of saying that the owners are their biggest fans.

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