Propel Group, Inc.


On the back of our signature business card with a hole in it, we say “we promise to have some serious fun.” Since our inception, we have deemed this our overarching mission statement. It also reads, “Just the thought of you spinning this card on a pencil made all of us laugh.” It reminds us to keep the work and atmosphere at Propel fun. So, cheers to letting the good times spin. LOL :)

They paint and sculpt, too.


Propel owners found some creative time to paint and sculpt for a show at the Verizon Gallery in Las Colinas business district. Paint, sculpt, crate, ship, hang, greet, and retreat…back to the drawing board before dawn. All in a day’s work.

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Ringing in 2011!


The first sign of blue skies during winter 2011 in Dallas, Propel team steps across the street to settle a dare between Darren and Cody, who are both darn good at playing horseshoes. Team Cody and Rob indeed tossed more ringers to win the first round…made Darren bow. Though best 2 out 3 went to

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Propel hits the target!


Literally this time. An idea for a team building exercise found Propel at a local shooting range to hone up on their target skills. Spontaneity drives Propel…so does fun and reckless abandon. Best shot in the house: Let’s just say don’t mess with Morgan Martin! Worst shot: Cody Richardson. Don’t fear him, he couldn’t hit

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Propel is a “shoe in.”


The Texas State Fair Glue-a-Shoe Competition is full of sole. Propel staff had long awaited participating in any number of State Fair competitions. The 2009, “Glue-a-Shoe” Competition caught our eye. Designed to be a team building exercise, once again we managed to step on a ton of laughs. We did ok, actually we shined—well, everyone

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