Propel Group, Inc.


Whose shoes stink?

Propel Group has entered the Texas State Fair Glue-A-Shoe contest for 3 years running. We walk in as veterans having collected several blue ribbons, second place ribbons and honorable mentions. This year, with our creative shoes in hand and heads held high, we are hoping again to garner representation in the big glass case in the Creative Arts Building at Fair Park. Creative ideas run wild in our shop for months before the event and the competition is fierce. But inside us all is the desire to be the big winner and get the bragging rights amongst staff for the next year’s competition. So who is King of the Sole this year? Who got in the case?

Update: 10/04 — Winners and losers

  • Sneakers — First Place: Sneaker
  • Shoewinski — Second Place: Sneaker
  • One Shew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — Honorable Mention: Sneaker
  • Shoe Are What Shoe Eat — Third Place: Slip-On
  • Shoekira — Honorable Mention: Sandal
  • Shoe-perhero — Honorable Mention: Boot
  • Royal Nup-shoe-als — Honorable Mention: High Heel
  • Brew-a-Shoe — Crushing Defeat

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