Propel Group, Inc.


On the back of our signature business card with a hole in it, we say “we promise to have some serious fun.” Since our inception, we have deemed this our overarching mission statement. It also reads, “Just the thought of you spinning this card on a pencil made all of us laugh.” It reminds us to keep the work and atmosphere at Propel fun. So, cheers to letting the good times spin. LOL :)

Whose shoes stink?


Propel Group has entered the Texas State Fair Glue-A-Shoe contest for 3 years running. We walk in as veterans having collected several blue ribbons, second place ribbons and honorable mentions. This year, with our creative shoes in hand and heads held high, we are hoping again to garner representation in the big glass case in the Creative Arts Building at Fair Park. UPDATE: winners, losers and photos within!

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Tuesday is the new “Fryday.”


A potluck dare became an “all things fried” challenge at Propel. Fried crack balls (probably needs explaining), corn dogs, awesome (onion) blossom, apple and banana tempura, and pancake battered fried Oreo cookies. The sheer guilt for lack of a vegetable forced a modest salad onto the plates, too. The cholesterol intake was numbing. Was a

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April Fools! Duh!


Could not resist spoofing the latest Charlie Sheen interviews and donating our own tiger blood at long-time client, Carter BloodCare. Think you have tiger blood? Donate today at Carter BloodCare and find out.

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