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NOVATION, a supply chain company with a line of private medical products supporting 28% of all medical facilities in the U.S., needed a distinctive identity for its product line and a graphic standards system that would cover a broad range of applications: thus NOVAPLUS. The biggest challenge was developing a system that could be reproduced by various suppliers and processes on a broad range of products ranging from the smallest vial application to a one-color imprint on a gallon jug of disinfectant. In addition, all designs had to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). A high level of detail had to be considered in the design stage, including legibility and handling of dosage information to prevent possible errors in administering drugs to patients.


Propel created a logo and identity system to encompass all products and applications. A graphic standards guide was produced in printed and digital format to be distributed to all manufacturers of NOVAPLUS products. Propel also coordinated and managed the approval process with the client and the FDA to ensure compliance of final package design specifications.


A graphics system that has been universally accepted by the suppliers of NOVAPLUS and the FDA was created. A stronger presence in the industry was established, and medical errors were reduced as a result of clearer and easier-to-read labels. NOVAPLUS has been in the forefront of bar coding its medical supplies, which was incorporated into all the packaging designs, further limiting dosage and distribution errors.