Propel Group, Inc.

Network Associates


Red with envy.


Network Associates channel division lacked the resources necessary to develop a successful channel partner program that would drive sales and increase brand recognition. With the demands of channel partners growing and competition rising, Network Associates approached Propel Group in need of a solution.


Propel Group stepped in and assigned dedicated resources to the task. The Red Alert campaign was developed and used across the channel to create some excitement within the brand. Channel tools such as sales training books, promotional brochures and product launch kits were designed, as well as a channel partner newsletter that utilized the Red Alert theme. A branding audit was also conducted within channel partners, and it was found that 85% of partners were misrepresenting the brand in more than one way. There were 10-20 marketing deliverables needed per day, and Propel efficiently prioritized and delivered these in a calendar that was used across the channel department.


Red Alert really got the attention of the channel partners. It became the most remembered theme at events. All of the Red Alert tools armed partners with marketing materials that they needed to increase sales. Marketing managers in charge of partner recruitment and sales no longer had to scramble for the materials that they needed to successfully market the company. The accuracy of the way that partners were representing the brand increased over 100%. With Red Alert — themed product launch kits that were developed, the channel department met and exceeded sales goals each quarter.