Propel Group, Inc.

Neiman Marcus “the book”


Judge a book by its team.


Client approached agency to help streamline the production process for their publication, the book, distributed nationally eight to nine times a year.


Propel researched, developed and implemented strategic work processes to ensure timely publishing. Propel coordinated and managed daily design production and all approvals with a team of 20-30 different buyers, creatives, copywriter and copy editors and established timely deliverables to print buyers to meet stringent publishing requirements.


The results minimized costly upcharges for late disk releases by 30%. Propel’s error-proof files minimized costly changes at second and third bluelines by 43% over previous teams’ attempts. Bottom-line performance: 100% on-time delivery with 99.9% accuracy, resulting in substantial cost savings. The resulting efficiencies freed up internal creative resources to focus on the visual and written content, translating to an award-winning publication that increased sales.