Propel Group, Inc.

Dallas Mavericks


Game face. Facelift.


New team ownership meant new team identity. Challenges included a short development time frame (6 months vs. 18 months which was the standard development time for the NBA), a multitude of applications to consider, and the fact that the Mavericks was only the second team to develop an identity outside of the NBA.


An identity was developed with tremendous flexibility and usability. The new logo was designed with several independent layers so that merchandising opportunities could be maximized. New mediums were explored to increase visibility and exposure to the team and individual players. Most recently, the Mavericks gave Propel Group full responsibility for all newspaper ads and online media.


Development time was cut in half, team awareness increased exponentially, and sales of merchandise went from $300,000 to $3 million the first season. Since the introduction of new identity and marketing materials, season ticket sales have increased with the majority of home games selling out. TV viewership has also increased due to a broadcast awareness campaign that was the first to take full advantage of a little-used ad space on the cover of the sports page. Logo was voted “best new team logo” after its introduction and continues to receive rave reviews from local fans‚ some have even gone so far as to tattoo the logo on their arms and ankles. The first giant billboard on a downtown Dallas parking garage was designed for the Mavericks and ushered in a new advertising medium to Dallas.