Propel Group, Inc.

Cowles & Thompson


Giving the numbers a voice.


This steeped-in-tradition Dallas law firm was adding younger, fresh-faced attorneys to their large legal team and needed a newer image for their marketing efforts including their website presence.


After being awed by the Firm’s impressive statistics, including the many accolades and acknowledgements they have been awarded, Propel crafted a marketing strategy centered around the concept “By the Numbers.” In an industry where almost everything is up for debate, Propel thought that the numbers should be allowed to speak for themselves—and the company. Propel accomplished the challenge of gaining the consensus of 80 attorneys, and charted their advertising course in a unified direction with brighter conveyance.


With this refreshed branding, Cowles & Thompson is now in a marketing position to better compete in the increasingly younger legal arena, while keeping its long-trusted reputation.