Propel Group, Inc.

Cook Children’s Health Care System


A promise to deliver.


Cook Children’s Medical Center and Cook Children’s Health Care System is a broad state-wide system of facilities and services dedicated to providing high-level organization, critical care to children in need. Because of the scope of Cook Children’s Health Care System, it became apparent they needed assistance in maintaining continuity in branding and marketing management that spanned the entire system, including satellite clinics throughout the state as well as physician-recruiting efforts and patient referral marketing that spanned across the globe.


Closely assisting Cook Children’s many marketing, development and public relations teams, Propel has provided strategies used in physician marketing, development and consumer marketing, and event planning, thereby providing the branding continuity necessary for a strong market image. Services provided to Cook also include assistance with technology upgrades, on-site presence when needed, and a business-partner attitude to get the tasks done — no matter the budget, no matter how tall the order.


This publication is consistently recognized by the National Health Care Marketing Association for its communication merits. Propel is extremely proud of the relationship and its accomplishments.