Propel Group, Inc.

ACH Child and Family Services: You Turn



After coming across Sappi’s “Ideas That Matter” annual competition, Propel Group approached ACH Child and Family Services to see if they would be willing to partner to help tackle a top social issue of their choice. If chosen by Sappi, Propel would provide pro bono creative allowing the grant monies to go directly toward materials and promotion.


ACH proposed that the campaign target runaway and throwaway youth that become victims of sex trafficking. Not one to shy away from a difficult issue, Propel created a multi-dimensional campaign choosing to focus on reaching youth before they become victims rather than conventional efforts aimed at adult-oriented awareness. Proposed materials included promotional print Collateral, social media, and guerrilla marketing.


Despite not being awarded a grant by Sappi, the client was so enthused about the project that they opted to start producing the materials.