Propel Group, Inc.

ACH Child and Family Services: Foster Care & Adoption



ACH Child and Family Services wanted to update their online presence for their Foster Care division. They needed an easy way to update content and a place for foster parents to communicate with staff and other parents.


Propel Group placed the Foster Care site on a CMS with a community forum, allowing their staff to easily publish content and moderate activity in the forum. The forum and other helpful documentation and publications are hidden from the public to protect the privacy of these families, but is a great resource to those who need it.


Since the rebuild, traffic (15.85%), pageviews (49.38%) and visitor duration (74.39%) are up while bounce rates (-19.59%) are down. The Foster Care staff are able to directly engage their audience and the website has been a great success for ACH Child and Family Services.


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Joomla, Membership, Community Forum, Analytics