Propel Group, Inc.
Our Venue

It’s a Major attraction.

Launched May 1, 1996, Propel Group is known as the shop that offices in the “movie theater” (formerly known as the Major Theatre in east Dallas). Our offices are an open concept, which encourages and promotes strong collaboration. Not to mention, we probably have the largest big screen TV (measuring one wall). Well, perhaps with the exception of Cowboy Stadium, Victory Park or Dallas Mavericks — though we’ll settle for the #4 spot. However, our big screen also comes with free popcorn and free parking. Beat that, Mr. Jones, Mr. Perot and Mr. Cuban!

Consider Propel your creative marketing launch pad, as well as an enjoyable place for some good times.

Propel Group office space

Major Theatre history


Major Theatre opened

Theatre was built by Phil Isley and was given the name “The Major.” Phil Isley had a daughter named Phyllis Isley who performed in a few B-movies in “The Major,” caught the eye of a producer and moved to 20th Century Fox. She later won an Academy Award for Best Actress in Song of Bernadette, using the screen name Jennifer Jones.


Major Theatre was closed

The theatre closed its doors because of failing operations.


Major Theatre was sold and new management took over operations

The theatre was sold to the Ramon Garcia Lence family, who emigrated to the United States from Cuba and invested in real estate. They operated the Casa View and Arapaho drive-in theatres and the REX Cinema (formerly Rosewin) in Oak Cliff, as well as the Major Theatre. Under this new management the theatre was reopened.


Major Theatre becomes the Lido Adult Theatre

Lack of profits encouraged management to reintroduce the theatre under a new name and type of entertainment: the Lido Theatre, for x-rated films. The interior was modified to accommodate private viewing rooms. The operators who leased the theatre at this time let it fall into shambles.


Venue closed

Theatre closed because of drug-ridden operations and dilapidated facility. New business codes making it illegal for adult oriented businesses to be within 1,000 ft of a city park were established, while at the same time a city park was added across the street.


Major Theatre was reopened after extensive remodeling

Ramon Garcia Lence, owner, re-obtained management of the theatre from the Lido operators who let the theatre fall into miserable disrepair, did extensive remodeling and tried to keep the theatre alive by showing art foreign classics in a vintage-style theatre.


Theatre was closed

Failure to get interested audiences into the theatre and a need for the owner to be in Redondo Beach, CA, to tend to his other theatres caused it to close once again.


Theatre attempted revival

Assorted films were tried, including Dallas’ first-ever 3-D showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder. It became a venue for rock bands, and then graffiti found its way to the exterior furthering its lack of appeal. After the live music venue closed, only ghosts of its past inhabited these quarters until the summer of 1998.


Propel Group, Inc. purchased the Major Theatre

Seeing an opportunity in economic growth, property values and location, and through creative inspiration (and much hard work), Propel Group converted the theatre to offices for its company and other potential tenants. This revitalization effort was to be a source for creative inspiration for Propel’s staff, resources, its products and services, its clients, as well as the surrounding neighborhood.


Propel Group Inc. relocated to the former Major Theatre

Propel Group moves into their new office space, and happily resides there today. Holding company name is Major Marquee, L.P., Dallas.